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Buddha on Life

“Nothing ever exists entirely alone; everything is in relation to everything else.”


Buddha is comparing the nature’s law and human relationships. To live a natural life is the only way to be happy and healthy. The importance of relationship is only understood if one know what a relationship is. It is bondage, it doesn’t matter who is the person, if this love based on purity, and happiness then you are doing it right. If you cannot make yourself happy, no matter what you do, try to make others happy. Buddha told the trick to being happy, always stay in the relationship with the thing you love. A few years ago we all read about the research which states unmarried and single people die more early than the people who are married. Our next Buddha quote tells us the importance of being ourselves.

“As you walk and eat and travel, be where you are. Otherwise, you will miss most of your life.”


To check wisdom behind any statement, it should be applicable on all of us no matter which time they live in. This technological era has brought a lot of gadgets that have made our lives easy and livable, but it also created fantasies among us. Thinking about something which you are sure you can never be is waste of time. We all know who we are, if you know what makes your heart happy, you know yourself. But in the meantime don’t forget about yourself. Be good to others but do think about yourself, otherwise, you will miss most of your life.   

Passion an Unbridled Horse


Passion is something that strikes everybody but how to channelize them in a proper way that’s important in order to spend a peaceful life. Following words of Buddha guides us in this regard.

“There is no fire like passion, there is no shark like hatred, there is no snare like folly, and there is no torrent like greed.” Gautama Buddha

Human beings are endowed with various passions but there are certain passions that are harmful and can turn a person’s life into a living hell. The most important passions in this regard are hatred, greed, and folly. These worldly passions can give us wounds that don’t heal with the passage of time instead they get deeper and deeper till our last breath. Let us have a look on these passions.

Starting with hatred, it is something that arouses in a person when that person gets angry on someone superior to him and that person is unable to pour out his anger it changes into hatred. It is a feeling that turns a man into a murderer. Now coming towards greed it is passion in which a person loses sight of the people around him. He only thinks about his self and he performs illegal activities to get what he wants to get. It is a curse and a bottomless pit that ruins a person’s life.

Above all folly is something that makes a person dig a grave for himself. We reap what we sow so it is better to choose a middle path and let not anything overpower you.

Root of Suffering according to Buddha

“The root of suffering is attachment.” 


Gautama Buddha through his meditation discovered certain important facts about human suffering. In the above quote he explained the source of human’s suffering. He also taught ways to avoid suffering. The followings lines will through light upon them.

Human beings are combination of bones, flesh and certain innate desires. If a person has some desires this is a proof of being human and there is nothing bad in it. For example, people desire happiness, some desire a good job, some for a big house and much more. But it is very essential to limit one’s desire. Because when a person achieve something which he aspires for and after achieving that thing he desires to gain more and this goes on. What will happen eventually? This endless pursuit will make him tired, and it is not possible to get everything in life. So when a person’s wishes don’t come to realization sorrow and anxiety will follow him like a demon. And he will suffer.

Second important cause which leads to suffering is attachment. It is natural most of us develop association with certain things that are short lived. It happens due to lack of vision because everyone is not able to see the underlying reality of the things around us. The fact that our own existence is impermanent often get obscured due to worldly attractions.

We need to rise above the vicious circle of desires and attachments to avoid suffering in life. So let not yourself fall for mortal things.

Buddha and a Successful Life

 “A dog is not considered a good dog because he is a good barker. A man is not considered a good man because he is a good talker.”


This quote still applies to today’s world. Most people waste their important time doing nothing but chatting and talking on social media. If something is not informative or cannot improve you in any way, move on. This is the way of all successful people, to look for future, living in the present and forgetting about the past. It is so little you can learn from past than the feelings it brings when thinking about it. Some of us have terrible pasts; some of us try to forget about it by talking a lot. According to Buddha, a man is not considered a good man because he is a good talker.

“You only lose what you cling to.”


Cling means to stick with it, falling deeply in love with someone or something.  Buddha is explaining the nature of the human heart, and common human behavior. If you have nothing, you have nothing to lose, but usually, all of us have things that we fall in love or make a habit of doing it. In simple words, Buddha is saying; when you choose a companionship of another person, choose wisely, because you only lose what you cling to or anything you deeply desire.

“Wear your ego like a loose fitting garment.”


Many people who are not respected or liked well enough by their friends and family. If you read the above quote carefully, you will see the trick Buddha used in one sentence. He is not saying to wear your ego complete off from you and totally change your personality. It is true that money can’t buy us happiness, but certainly, it can make the way to happiness a lot easier. Staying in the middle always help, neither too down to earth so people step on you nor too stiff that you break off by a slight gust (wind).     

Buddha Teachings and a Path to Happiness

“There is no path to happiness: happiness is the path.”


The first definition comes into mind when one read what Buddha has said about happiness. According to Buddha, happiness is everything a human heart desires. We all are looking for pleasures, things that soothes our hearts. This is the reason those people who choose a path that their heart wants often achieve happiness. Everybody wants to be happy but only some want to fight for it. Happiness is a road, a path, that has different levels but happiness is an only way to achieve inner peace.

“If the problem can be solved why worry? If the problem cannot be solved worrying will do you no good.”


This is the reason many people believe in Buddha’s wisdom, Buddha has a way of explaining things in shorter words. The meaning always helps people choosing a better life, achieving inner peace and happiness. ‘Problem’ is what we are afraid of; we all face problems at some point in our lives. A day spent without solving a problem is a day wasted. Buddha taught humans that we should not worry from problems if happiness is temporary, it comes and goes, and then same goes with problems. No matter what is their intensity, if the problem cannot be solved worrying will do you no good.

“The trouble is, you think you have time.”


Sometimes one statement, saying or quote can mean two or many things; Buddha is teaching us who our real enemy is. It is not something those breaths or walks but it is alive, it changes, and nothing is safe from it. The time, time is not long for anyone, if today is today, tomorrow must be tomorrow, whether you exist in that tomorrow or not. Time is something that will end us in the end. So anything that kills us is bad right? But what if you have no control over that thing, so the only thing we can do is consider present moment precious and do what our heart wants. People don’t change, time make them.



Gautama Buddha teaches us that in life purity is essential to a soul for the body. Purity is something that distinguishes a noble man from an evil one. It is very important and let me illustrate this with a simple example when you buy a scotch tape initially it is pure so it gets easily attached to the things we want to. But when it gets impure due to dust or other particles, its capacity to get attach with other things reduces and almost disappear eventually. In the same context when a man becomes impure his capacity to make the relationship with humans and God reduces to the point that segregates him.

If one knew oneself to be precious, one would guard oneself with care. As one instructs others to be so should one do? Only the self-controlled person could restrain others. Truly, restraining oneself from evil is the very hard job.  Oneself is indeed one’s own protector what another protector could there be? With self-control one gains a protector hard to obtain.  Oneself alone is responsible for his/her sins. Those who cover themselves with their own corrupt conduct they do to themselves what an enemy wishes for them. As evil is done by oneself alone by oneself alone is one purified? Purity and impurity depend on oneself, no one can purify another. Don’t give up your own welfare for the sake of other welfare, however great. Clearly, know your own welfare and be intent on the highest good.

How To Gain And Maintain Happiness?

 It is an innate desire in every human being to gain happiness. Each one of us is in the pursuit of happiness but what it is? How to gain it? And most importantly how to maintain it. All this is taught by Gautama Buddha, and in this regard, his following words are of significance.


 “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.

Before explaining what he meant by above-mentioned words it would be better to know what happiness is? For some people, it is contentment, joy or reminiscence about good times. But according to Buddha real happiness is a state of mind. Something that comes from within. The things like food, money etc. are objective things they might bring you temporary joy but they do bring suffering with them. Their pursuit brings us worry and anxiety.

No matter how wonderful things are going on around us if our mind is not at peace these things will be of no good for us. So the first step to achieving happiness is to have a sound mind. Secondly, if you want everlasting happiness then you need to learn that it work on a crazy mathematics, when you divide it among others it gets multiplied and instead of decreasing your share it increases it. So dear all share and care for others make them smile, it will cost you nothing but it will buy you everlasting happiness.

How to Overcome Pain?


Great men die but, their words remain as the guiding torch for the wise people. Gautama Buddha was a person who spent an ascetic life. After he realized about the universal suffering of humanity he tried to enlighten mankind through various means and his quotes served in this righteous cause. One of his famous quote “pain is certain, suffering is optional” teaches us the right attitude to deal with pain.

You must know about the boundary
Before going into details we must know about the boundary line between pain and suffering i.e. are they different from each other? If yes then how? For this purpose let us define both terms. Pain is something that occurs to you when something on the outside world is traumatizing, let say a family member died, or perhaps you are in the midst of a disintegrating relationship. These are the events that bring tremendous pain to you. But suffering is different.
Suffering is something when you make mental movies or a narration about pain. It means you cross the line from the territory of pain into the territory of suffering. For example if you lose one of your family member with whom you had a complicated relationship with a sudden death, it is painful but years after the death you suffer because you allow your mind to link that death with your complicated relationship by saying that things could have been better if you treated that person in a better way. This won’t happen if you make your mind quiet and still during a pain. Hence suffering is optional.

The foolish man conceives the idea of self - Buddha

The foolish man conceives the idea of self - Buddha
The foolish man conceives the idea of 'self', The Wise man sees there is no ground on which to build the idea of 'self', thus he has a right conception of the world and well concludes that all compounds amassed by sorrow will be dissolved again, but the truth wil remain - Buddha